My Day in Bloomington IL

Bloomington, IL is an idyllic Midwestern college town. It is home to Illinois State University, Illinois Weslyn University, and Heartland Community College. I always enjoy visiting Miller Park Zoo when visiting in the area. It is a small zoo seated in a lush tree-filled park complete with historical monuments, walking bridges, and a lake used by locals for fishing. I enjoyed a visit to the zoo, walk around the park, and a picnic where friendly ducks came by to say ‘hello’.


Downtown Bloomington features historic buildings dating back to the early 1900’s. At the center of downtown is the old courthouse turned museum where it was nice to stroll through each floor and learn about regional history. On the weekends during the summer and fall, a lively farmer’s market takes place in the city square surrounding the courthouse. At night the area fills with adults enjoying the ample nightlife provided by the many local bars.


Finally, on my visit, I did some shopping at Eastland Mall. There were many stores, welcoming decorations, and a food court with a good variety of lunch options. The mall is located across the street from Saint Joseph’s Hospital. The location is right off of the very busy Veteran’s Parkway that is the main location to find other shopping, dining, and entertainment options. Bloomington is filled with many activities and small-town appeal.

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